Blogs. And your voice. How they can work together for you.

Blogs. If you're a voiceover talent, it can open a whole new world. You could look at your voiceover blog as a place to start your voiceover career, or maybe your blog could be a stop for other voice talent to learn helpful tips on the voice business. Maybe you want to inform readers of news you've come across in the voiceover field, or maybe offer different viewpoints on the status of the voiceover business today.

Whatever your reason for starting a blog, the important thing is - to get started!

I thought I'd run this post again, since there was a lot of response from readers when it ran originally on this blog. (Yup, I'm airing re-runs while I'm recovering!)

Whether your're starting your voiceover career today or have been working the booth for years. Remember the best way to stay in the vo game is to keep up the marketing, and find your voiceover niche! here's the repost:

"Blogs are working for voiceover talent. Depending of course, on the content.

A well crafted blog can offer everything from audition advice to aspiring and veteran voice talent, connect with other voiceover artists around the world about the latest in communication technology, or add a human touch to someone who may be more than 'just a voice'.

Clients are reading, too. They read your words, can hear your demos, and are getting to know you as a co-worker. In some cases, clients are evaluating you as a potential client.

Are you one of the new vo bloggers?

Check out my sidebar for a list of the many well written blogs about the voiceover business - and about blogging. All are informative; and others mix in a personal perspective as well. (A couple blogs are on the sidebar because I like to read up on what some of my friends are doing outside of the voiceover world.)

Should you have a blog?

Depends. Is it for marketing? Or just personal reasons? Do you like to write? Do you have a few communication goals in mind? Have you carved out a niche in the voiceover marketplace, and want to get out info on a regular basis? Do you have a few ideas for a blog for your business, but not sure how to get started?

Here's a post from an awesome designer about 'blogging for your business'. Need the building blocks for blogging? Check out 'Blogging for Beginners' from Problogger.

Can't remember everything about grammar and writing from the English 101 class you took back in the day? Read Mignon Fogarty's Grammar Girl's website and podcast. Great refresher course."

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