Voiceover and Freelancing. Did you miss anything?

Freelance Money. It's In There.

Maybe you've recorded some pretty good stuff lately. You don't want to quit your day job. So freelancing your voice may be a perfect fit for you.

Whether you freelance, or you make a living doing voiceover work, you need to get your voice out there in front of potential clients. By taking the steps to 'get your voice out there' you are also finding about how to fine tune your marketing skills.

There are a few sites to help get you going as you start freelancing your voice. The sites are not about voiceovers specifically; but you can certainly use the info toward your voice career!

Here's the title of one of the websites: WiseBread - Living Large on a Small Budget. I love it! Okay, maybe at first I thought it was a baking blog...but trust me, if you knew my kitchen prowess...it was an incredibly short lived thought.

WiseBread is all about budgets, finance, frugal living. It involves a community of bloggers who want you to live large on a small budget.

And we could all use info on that!

But even better than the title, is a two part post about how to find freelance clients. Part 2 is here.

Plus, from Freelance Folder, "The 10 Types of Freelancers: Which One Are You?"


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