Benefits of the internet, vo training, social media & my home town.

Catching up. Finally. The who what when where why & how. And what better way to do that than with social media and/or the internet.

I like research. A lot. The internet is great for insatiable walking talking question marks like us. I don't know if I would really be aware of all the voiceover workshops and groups of fellow voiceover actors who attend - and coach - any voiceover seminar today if it weren't for Twitter, blogs...and the internet.

My internet research started when I was looking for studios in New York state. Happened to discover a studio up in - of all places - Schenectady. Really. Schenectady New York. My home town. Also the home of General Electric. Proctor's Theatre. The city name that occassionally comes up in offhand mentions on Letterman and in a Seinfeld script.

Schenectady is also the home of a phenomenal group of voiceover, engineering and production pros who make up Voice Coaches.

Today I caught up with Mike at VoiceCoaches in upstate New York - on the phone. (hey, it's still a form of social media). It was good to connect - but more important, great to find out what VoiceCoaches plan to do on May 2nd: host a huge event about "Learning Home Recording and Social Media Marketing for Voice Actors-The2009Advanced Marketing Expo". It's all about technology and you, and how that equals opportunity.

Don't have any plans for May yet? You just might now. VoiceCoaches has put together everything for you. This is a place where you can listen to voice pros talk about what they know, hear info about the voiceover biz, plus get to know about the real work - and the real rewards - of learning the art of voiceovers.

Besides, while you're in Schenectady - you can learn a little bit about "The City that Lights and Hauls the World".

Go ahead. Look it up:)

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