A New Year. 'New' is the operative word.

It's a week since Christmas, and I know almost everything about playing Guitar Hero World Tour.

Since Santa dropped off this musical goody, the kids are all about playing 'Demolition Man' and 'No Sleep Till Brooklyn'. Two favorite tunes in the Reed household.

Tough for me to play at first. Even harder to master if you don't have nimble fingers for playing bass. But I figured it out, learned a few new things, and found my inner rock star. Even Sting would be proud. Sorta.

Learning to do new things can be part of your New Year's resolution, too. Master a new instrument, or a new language if you're not musical. If you're a voice actor, you already know that taking a class is good for you - and your voice career. (check my sidebar "Voiceover Books and Training" for more.) Maybe a volunteer gig with any of the many charities which could use your voiceover services.

Need new direction for 2009? Read today's post from Joe The Voice Guy , it will jumpstart your New Year, and get you thinking about what's really important.

Thanks for being a part of the spotcomm blog for 2008 - and wishing you all good things for 2009.

Happy New Year!