Good Gets: how good are you about getting the word out?

You're in the voiceover business. You're good in front of the mic (creative) and behind the mic (business). You know how important it is to:

a)get referrals
b)get to the phone to make those important cold calls

and now you realize you have to add:
c)get the word out about your company

Just how do you get the word out?

A well written press release may be a good place to start. Not sure how the internet plays a part in the press release biz? Check out this site, and read today's post:'How To Use Press Releases to Promote Yourself or Your Business'.

Since press goes hand in hand with promotions, you may need to find more of both for your voiceover business. Checkout the award winning design firm Mayhem Studios in LA.

Now get out there and spread the word.