Conflicted? Confused? VO Career help on the way.

Found this slice of knowledge in my October blog file; re-posting since a few emails came to me asking for voiceover career advice. Mostly from talent new to the business, with the overwhelming topic being '"my voiceover career - how do I start? What does it take? When does it happen?"'

I thought of my answers. Words came to mind like Endurance, Creativity, Marketing. Then I got to thinking about a recent article I read about persistence and dug out the above mentioned post.

The article is from writer Cary Tennis of Salon magazine. Since this is more or less a voiceover blog, try not to be put off by the fact the article centers around a waitress wanting to be a singer. There's something in it for you! And hey, maybe we're all in kitchens wanting our voice to be heard. In any event, read Cary's advice and see how you can make his tips work for your voiceover career.