No voice news today, instead: a trip to the Bronx

A slice of baseball history.

When this baseball season is over, Yankee Stadium is no more. And even though a new stadium will be built, baseball fans will forever remember the legends of Yankee Stadium.

Growing up in upstate New York, the neighborhood kids knew two sports: kickball and baseball. Kickball was cool - but baseball was king. I remember Dad piling all of us into the '64 Rambler and driving from Schenectady to the Bronx to catch a Yankees game in the spring. The season opener. It was the road trip of the year.

We'd stop and buy a box of black and white cookies and practically inhaled them before the national anthem. The cookies never made it to the first inning.

Years went by and generations of fans felt lucky to see historic innings, pitches and home runs. The best graced the diamond at Yankee Stadium.

We were thrilled to watch some of the greatest games - and the greatest names in baseball.

Fans felt they were lucky; but Lou Gehrig called himself "the luckiest man on the face of the earth."