Back from NC: And we have photos!

Love NC.
Just getting back from the Rock and Roll Benefit Concert.
And to wrap up the tour... the airlines served snax!
Not just any snax mind you, but Trail mix, M&M's and...Beef Jerky!
Welcome to Texas.
A good friend of mine has a blog with all the background info of back in the day of the local music scene and rock radio in Raleigh. (Hmmm...could be the name of a good book!)
A long time ago, the rock station in town was WRDU, and all of us coming back into Raleigh for the reunion this weekend were asked to request a song we played on the air back then, and tie it in with some bit of our own history to it. Requests from the entire airstaff came for the Who, The Stones, The Smithereens. I choose Van Halen.
I have fond memories.