Voice 2008. Sound Advice. Promotion Plus.

There's a lot of 'em. And you're one of 'em. Or are you?
The most successful voice talent - or any talent in any field - continually finds ways to improve. Whether it's a class, a book, a seminar, networking luncheon - staying on top of what's going on in the voiceover business is crucial.

Voice 2008 is this weekend; and going could be your first stop in the learning curve if you're thinking about becoming a professional voiceover talent. Or even if you're a pro and want to learn more. The marquee on the Voice 2008 website reads "Voiceover International Creative Experience". It's that and more.

You'll learn. You'll network. Think of it as a new venture in your own voiceover business plan marquee.

From personal experience about the voiceover business, I can tell you that I'm a firm believer in marketing and advertising. Being on active duty (years before I worked in voiceovers)and stationed at various Public Affairs Offices with the USCG, really helped me understand public relations and advertising. When I started a career in radio I saw a different style of advertising and PR, but PR none the less: music promoters, producers, advertising agencies, the seasoned pros on the air, the bands - all helped me understand what it took to 'reach an audience'.

Millions of voices. Millions of advertisers. So, where do you start?
While you're at Voice 2008, be thinking about the basics:

Know your market.
Know your voice abilities.
Understand marketing and public relations.
Make a list of what you know.
Make a list of what you don't know.

Let me know what you learned over the weekend.