Newshounds and Happy Voices.

We're the proud parents of a new puppy. A furry mix of something. Or a bunch of somethings. Smart and curious; part terrier, part newshound. His personality reminds me of Asta, the dog in the old black and white detective movies. Same type of personality - a real character.

I'm a little rusty when it comes to raising a pup, so I'm reading everything that comes with the adoption papers. One phrase caught my eye. '"While training your puppy, always use your happy voice"'. when praising the pup for good deeds, a voice that sounds animated is good.

Ok. Doable.

I invited Scout up to the studio today (using my 'happy voice'). He heard the ISDN connect with a beep, and he cocked his furry head in terrier fashion.

He gave me look that said "Hey, I wanna be a voice talent!'

Could be the start of a beautiful relationship. I'm thinking if I ever voice a dog food commercial, I'll be ready. Plus, I now have the real sound effects available if the producer needs 'em.

Apparently to new puppies, size doesn't matter. Today while walking in the neighborhood, he met up with a huge 80 pound Weimaraner. Tail wagging, Scout looked up at him and seemed to say '"Dude, no kidding - are you on that Michael Phelps diet?'"

And what does the cat think? Judging by her tail size, and the sound of her 'not so happy voice', I'm thinking the translation is "buzz off." Or something along the lines of 'real friends don't let friends bring home puppies.'

The puppy could care less. She can use any voice she wants. He only thinks "whoa, whatever you are, you're beeutiful!"

The cat isn't amused.

A special thanks to CAP for their help and assistance with all stray animals.