Judy Dench. An Audition. Edouard. And tea.

Last week I had an audition - with a twist. I needed to 'sound like Judy Dench', the infamous 'M'.

So I listened to a sample of Dame Dench's voice. Cut a couple of auditions, deleted them, cut one more, edited twice...cut two more versions...happy with those - and then off went the MP3 to my agent's email.

I like these types of voicover gigs. Not sure where the voice comes from though! I'm guessing that because my in-laws are British, their accent is just something I'm used to hearing. Or maybe I have a small recording device in my ear that I know nothing about? Listening to how other people speak has always helped me with auditions. A few years ago a client who asked for a voice delivery that "sounds a little like Julia Child - with a slight British accent - but not like she's cooking or anything".

It was a stretch, but I did hear "'...not like she's cooking or anything.'". Whew! No cooking utensils in the recording booth. That'll work!

And now, as I finish editing other voice projects from the studio in Houston, I wait to see what the next hurricane will do.

It may be a good time to have another cuppa.