Going for the Gold.

Okay, so the headline is used a lot this month.
As I watch the Olympics, I can see the years of dedication each athlete prepares for in getting to the one big event. A preparation that includes a 'gladiator mentality' of 'going for the gold'.
Even better headline? A comment overheard from a reporter in Beijing:
'"Thousands of hours for those two seconds"'.
The promo for the Olympics (the one sponsored by Visa, and narrated by Morgan Freeman) is inspiring. I love it. Telling a story of what it takes to be an Olympic athlete.
While not as physically demanding as an athlete, voice talent - successful ones anyway - understand "thousands of hours for those two seconds". Like staying on track. Getting to the next level. Doing what it takes to achieve your goal. Whatever your voiceover goal may be.
This week, I thought I'd focus on a few achievers outside of the voiceover business, who offer a unique perspective on goals. Like the blogposts from Working Girl, and Chris Brogan. And take a look at Some Audio Guy; check out how he reaches his goal of having the finest in studio equipment - stuff Hendrix used!
Yup - goals rock.