Finding my way to the expert video editor.

I've been working on some new voiceover demos - adding audio, fine tuning reads, editing down audio from documentaries, and to really keep the coffe machine brewing -winding down with some brainstorming for a marketing campaign. Days get busy in the audio booth, so I was looking for someone to help me edit out the audio (voiceover) from a couple of video projects. I basically wanted to send news teams and producers a short composite demo of my best voiceover work. I can edit when it comes to audio, but editing video - that's a whole other gig altogether. I needed some work done fast. So I called on Bob. Audio Bob to be exact. This guy knows his way around the audio/video booth. I sent over some video, and he edited them down into a short mp3 voiceover demo for me. Great quality - and fast too. I'm thankful to find Bob to help me with editing, because I need these demos to be short and grab the attention of producers. When a producer says 'just send me your best stuff' or 'grab my attention in 10 seconds or less", they mean it.
Here's a little background on Bob Vance. Bob does audio post, sound design and radio. The last 11 years or so he's been at two of the top post houses in Houston, and now he is striking out on his own. 10 years before that, he was the production and imaging director for MIX 96.5 in Houston. And for readers who spent ANY time at a radio station in the production room (making commercials, promos, etc.), you know this guy understands deadlines. Some of his work includes the sound design for the Addy Award winning "Lucy" tv spot for the Houston Museum of Natural Science. His studio runs with Pro Tools HD2, incredible sounding mastering plugins and lot of experience. He's that good.
I've put the new audio demos on this blog, near some of my video demos. His work is heard on the Sports Promos.
Thanks Bob.