Oh, Nooooooo! Clay with Personality? Priceless.

It was a double dose of nostalgia tonight on television. While watching reruns of 'That 70's Show', I caught the new Mastercard commercial starring Mr. Bill - my favorite man of retro clay. The animated link to Saturday Night Live. There was Ms. Sally, and the dog, Spot. There was Sluggo. And the human touch - a friend named Mr. Hands.

Who was the voice behind Mr. Bill and the rest? After working as a comedy writer for Saturday Night Live, Mr. Bill's alter ego (and creator) Walter Williams went on to do more film shorts for ABC and eventually, documentaries for PBS. Here's more on the man behind the clay.

Now that you know Mr. Bill, Walter Williams has more about what he's doing now.

And the voice of the 'priceless' Mastercard campaign? Billy Crudup.