That Layla Dude

I don't know whether I should be glad that my 12 year old knows who Eric Clapton is, or whether I just need to realize we're all getting older.

Case in point; I was watching an Eric Clapton biopic on PBS with my kids over the weekend (they know their Sesame Street; they gotta know their rock history, too - we're aiming for well rounded kids). As Clapton launched into the first few bars of 'Layla', I hear this little voice say:

"'s that Layla Dude!"

Of course, my husband turned to me and said, "Wow, pretty good for a 12 year old".

And then he looked over at my daughter and said, "Nice to see your mother is teaching you the fine art of rock star biography."

"Now go finish your homework".

It must be something in the air. Two weeks ago my teenage son asked me why he doesn't hear the Ramones on the radio, and would I please find him a Joey Ramone CD for his birthday.

Maybe I'll dust off The Encyclopedia and pass the torch - er, the stratocaster.

Without the cigarette in the frets.